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The logo for ZAGO Birrificio Agricolo is based on ZAGO original logo, in order to not lose the connection with the main brand. The hand-drawn style refers to the roughness and genuinity of the beer products. The texture simulates the aged paper, emphasizing the idea of a crafted and quality beer line. The vibrant colours contrast with the elegance of the identity, giving a sprint to the communication.

A number of spikes decorate the neck of all the bottles. By adorning the bottle, they give elegance to the line. A series of rural buildings complete the visual communication, inspired by old illustration of 19th century that fit perfectly the elegance and craftsmanship vibe required for the brand. A different landscape was designed for each bottle, in relation to the place of origin and the type of each beer.


The landscape depicts the British homes in India, where this beer originally arrived from England, rich in hops and antioxidant properties, to preserve the product better during the long journey.


The landscape depicts Italian rural houses on the beginning of the 21st century, from which this beer style takes inspiration.

Golden Ale

The landscape depicts a picturesque Belgian village with its church, place characteristic for the production of fermentation beers.

Strong Ale

The landscape represents scenarios of the Belgian countryside, where this beer is tasted together with savory dishes or desserts.

Scotch Ale

The landscape depicts where malting barley grains are processed into malt, through the germination and subsequent drying.


The landscape depicts a characteristic village in south-Italy, an area with a lot of corn fields used for producing beers.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio