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ZAGO Birrificio

An Identity and Packagings for a new craft beer line.

ZAGO Birrificio Agricolo is a new brand presenting a line of six beers. Different elements for the brand and the packagings have been designed to convey the idea of crafted and high quality products. The new logo is based on ZAGO original logo, in order to not lose the connection with the main brand. The texture simulates aged paper, emphasizing the idea of a crafted and quality beer line; it was produced with watercolors and then digitally modified. The vibrant colours contrast with the elegance of the identity, giving a sprint to the communication A series of rural buildings complete the visual communication, inspired by old illustration of 19th century that fit perfectly the elegance and craftsmanship vibe required for the brand. A different landscape was designed for each bottle, in relation to the place of origin and the typology of each beer.

Design for ZAGO Birrificio Agricolo s.a.s.