Communication Obsession

Life in Somers Town

A social project visually inspired by British craft tradition of signpainting

Somers Town is a multiethnic distric in central London. We were asked to find creative ways to engage the problem of loneliness and isolation of the elderly people in the neighbourhood. We decided to extend our research to the broader community of Somers Town, a neighbourhood with a rich history but without a clear common identity. By analyising the historical, social, architectural and cultural context, we inscribed the loneliness of the elderly in a more complex scenario

Life in Somers Town is a community postcard project that creates a space for conversation amongst neighbours. People have been living in the area for a long time and are really attached to the neighbourhood. Sharing stories about Somers Town help both to build up an identity for the area and to create an intimate connection between neighours. Elderly are involved as individuals with personal stories and experiences.

Group project for Origin Housing by Alice Duranti, Emma King and Li Jiang