Communication Obsession


Exhibition Design for MA Communication Design Degree Show 2017.

MACD & Co. is a design collective established by the MA Communication Design class of 2017, at Central Saint Martins. Our collective first came together on 1 October 2015, when the founding members gathered for a picnic in Lewis Cubitt Park, adjacent to our new premises in the Granary Building. The following week we moved in, and set up our studio in room F201, along with Course Leader Rebecca Ross and our associate tutors. We are a diverse group, but what we have in common is a desire to understand and impact the visual world around us, and consider how as designers we create and transmit meaningful messages. We are advocates, engineers, navigators, guides, protesters, anthropologists and translators, and we accept and embrace our different perspectives, which continue to contribute to the expanding field of communication design.

For this project, my major was head of the Space Team. We decided to bring to life the values that we share as a design collective. We designed a space that could bring together our individual voices as well as our collective efforts for the course. The result of this process is a collective space where we organised workshops, tours, performances and social events for the whole duration of the show, in order to engage the public on our divers practices as communication designers.

Group project. Space Design by Alice Duranti, Nia Filiogianni, Christina Fan, Mariana Pinheiro. Photos by Nicola Lotter, Li Jiang and Timi Oladeji.