Communication Obsession

Invisible Kingdom®

A Speculative Identity designed to expose privatisation of public spaces in Lodnon.

The Invisible Kingdom® is a speculative project that aims to expose the dystopian nature of London private redevelopments. Through the establishment of a fictional kingdom, the project wants to creatively engage and inform London citizens on the dynamics of privatisation, thanks to a series of interventions in private and soon-to-be privatised spaces. Even by maintaining a strong fictional feature, the project has a correlation to real facts and information; more than a branding exercise, every piece is designed for a specific use to stimulate the curiosity of the audience on an important issue such as London privatisation.

The visual communication is a playful mix-up of traditional English heraldry and over-bureaucratic corporative branding; it is designed to be relatable and alienating at the same time: the tools and skills of the communication designer are used to exaggerate some branding features, while at the same time faking the official character of the Kingdom. This visual balance is meant for the public to question the nature of the Kingdom itself, but also to discuss graphic designers’ involvement in the creation of misleading identities for these privatised spaces.

Major Project for MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. Tutors: Jaap De Maat, Abbie Vickenstein