Communication Obsession

MACD Continuos Archive

Exhibition Design for MA Communication Design Work in Progress Show 2017.

For the 2017 Work-In-Progress show the students of MA Communication Design have established a continuous archive. As practitioners we are constantly accumulating visual references, texts, and experiences; recording our observations; experimenting with process, and building up creative tools to inform and develop our work as we develop with it. Through our continuous archive we have made a publication that consists of two contrasting forms; one pre-printed section, and one live. Our intention is that you assemble your edition of Continuous Archive at the exhibition, resulting in a series of unique editions informed by interaction.

My role in this project was designing the interaction system and the space in team with Sarah. We decided to build a physical archive by using boxes labelled with tags from our blog, that users could choose in order to live-print their personalised publication during the show.

Group project by Yasmina Aoun, Mina Barcelo Chine, Alice Duranti, Pamela Gottsponer, Emma King and Sarah Von Buren. Photos by Nicola Lotter and Li Jiang.